Best Dental Clinics in the San Francisco area

Being able to find a dentist in the USA is relatively easy these days. That’s not only because there are so many of them, but due to technology as well. Most dentists today generally have their own website. If not, there are a large number of dental centers which do. Plus, a large portion of them can be found on social media. Either way, it makes locating a tooth doctor almost effortless. The problem is when you are looking for a dental practitioner that stands out above the rest. Additionally, when you want the prominent and professional dentistry expert to be from a certain area. For instance, people who live in California are always trying to find the best dentists in San Francisco.

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Ironically, this is where having so many dentists to choose from becomes a problem. How can a person filter out the good ones from those they should avoid? Which ones are the best in customer service, payment options and services they provide? The easiest way is utilizing a directory or listing such as this one to help you. The hard work has already been done and only superior and top rated dental doctors are included. 

Golden Gate Dental

With more than twenty years of experience in the dental sector, Dr. Sosis is one of the best dentists in California. Folks are able to find solutions for their implant, cosmetic or restorative dentistry issues. This dental clinic offers services for both adults and children. The tooth doctor is a member of the San Francisco Dental Society, California Dental Association and American Dental Association.

San Francisco Dental Care

Using the latest and highest quality equipment are just part of why this dental care facility is so great. They also implement advancements in the dental field which are newest and deliver superior outcomes. In turn, patients receive topnotch service and exceptional care.

Dental Care SF

Individuals in San Francisco searching for affordable, holistic and exceptional dental care will like this clinic. The dental facility offers several services such as Laser Gum Treatment, cosmetic and holistic dentistry. Dental Care SF is well established in the area since they have been treating patients since 1992.

Advanced Dentistry

Ideal for those on the lookout for dental practitioners who use the latest advancements in the field. From porcelain veneers, invisalign care, ceramic crowns to dental implants, this place does it all. Best of all, they do so while receiving great reviews and accolades from treated patients.

Gentry Dentistry -

With tons of five star ratings from customers, this is among one of the premier dental clinics in San Francisco. Patients who visit them obtain state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Perfect for those who want to achieve an awesome smile and enhance their dental visibility.

Aesthetika Dental Center


Serving the people of San Francisco for over 25 years is just one of the achievements of this dental center. In addition, they provide superior services in numerous fields related to dentistry problems. Here, you can find specialists in aesthetic contouring, dental implants, teeth whitening and several other areas.