The Jewish community is a deeply religious society that deserves to have a private school of their own. There are many exclusive Jewish colleges all over the country, and though small in size, they provide excellent college education.

List College – The Jewish Theological Seminary

This highly rated Jewish college is situated in Manhattan, New York, with 157 undergraduate students. The acceptance rate here is 57%, and there is one major available which is the Religious Studies.&6% of their students actually graduated.

Ner Israel Rabbinical College

This Jewish college is above average and this small institution has 295 undergraduate students. Found in Pikesville, Maryland, the New Israel Rabbinical Coolege has an acceptance rate of 73%. They have available majors of Rabbinical studies and Talmudic, and only 52% of their students can graduate.

Hebrew Theological College

This small institution is a private Jewish college in Skokie, Illinois with 180 undergraduate students. The acceptance rate of this school is 92% and 5% of the student population graduates. The major studies here are Talmudic, Religious Studies, and Rabbinical Studies. The Hebrew Theological alumni are proud to have a starting salary of $22,800.

Michigan Jewish Institute

This private Jewish college is a small institution that has an acceptance rate of 66%. There are 836 enrollees with the probability of 38% graduate students. The Michigan Jewish Inst. alumni receive a startup salary of $15,400.

MerkazBnos Business School

This small institution is a private Jewish college in Brooklyn, New York with 163 undergraduate students and 91% acceptance rate. Jewish students are mostly taking majors in Computer Systems Technician and Medical Office Management. 83% of the students in this college can actually graduate.

Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia – Adult Education

This small and private Jewish college can be found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have 124 undergraduate students, and their acceptance rate is 82%. The major course in this college is only Talmudic and Rabbinical Studies, where 59% of the student population graduates from.