The Jewish people are highly intelligent and innovative in this world. There are many Jewish individuals who have created their marks in this country, and a few of them are:

NuseirYassin, aka NAS Daily

He has over 11 million followers on Facebook and he has become one of the most excellent content creators on social media. Yassin was born and raised in Arraba, in the northern Israeli-Arab city, and went off to Harvard to study. He is known for his 1-minute videos, and is successful in building his own creative agency in San Francisco. But even with his success, Yassin continues to make 1-minute videos, but not as regularly as every day.

ErelMargalit, Social and Tech Entrepreneur

Dr. Margalit is a brilliant and most prominent social and tech entrepreneur and successful venture capitalist. He is the proud founder and chairman of his own company called Jerusalem Venture Partners or JVP. It was in 2005 when Forbes selected Dr. Margalit as a top-ranking venture capitalist involving the esteemed “Midas (The Golden Touch) List”. JVP then partnered with the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry to pioneer a food tech accelerator in the northern region of Israel, in the KiryatShmona. Dr. Magalit is also involved in the beginning of an international digital health center in Haifa. JVP is tasked with a huge project to establish the very first international cybersecurity investment and innovation hub in New York, in the SoHo neighborhood.

Dr. Tal Rabin, A Forbe’s Top Woman Tech

Dr. Tal Rabin is the respected leader of the Cryptography Research Group at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center that is located in Yorktown Heights in New York. She earned a PhD in the field of Computer Science, then moved on to undergo an NSF postdoctoral fellowship. Dr. Rabin focuses on the development of the more secure algorithms for encryption. And she founded the WIT program or Women in Theory with her brilliant mind.