Jews have been living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area for decades, but for the last couple of years, the number of Jewish people leaving the area increases. There are many reasons why this is happening, but only the ones who left could clear.

Expensive area

As economy changes and evolves, the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay area becomes more expensive. Some Jews left because they cannot afford to live in this area any longer. It is just practical to move to a different place where the rent is low, and the overall cost of living is manageable.

Small Jewish communities

Because of the decline in the number of Jews, many Jews are relocating to the east side of San Francisco since it is where many Jews are staying at. Though many Jews stay in San Francisco but lives far from the Bay area, many Jews chose to relocate to another state where more Jews can be found.

Job relocation

One of the reasons why Jews leave the San Francisco Bay area is job relocation. The bread winner of the family could be transferred to another office in a different city, and they don’t have a choice but to leave.

No religious diversity

There is an issue about the lack of diversity in the Bay area when it comes to religion. Jews are known to be deeply spiritual people, and with the lack of strong sense of faith as a community, they will seek other communities where they can freely express and share their faith.

Change of scenery

Jews could be leaving the Bay area simply because they need a change in their life. They may want to start fresh somewhere else. A change of scenery could help heal wounds, or mend a broken heart. Or they could have left because they know they can be happy somewhere else.